2017 21th Jul - Chalon s/ Saone - Electric Sideshow
2017 6th Jul - Orléans - Le 108
2017 5th Jul - Nantes - Caf K
2017 1st Jul - Toulouse - Les Pavillons Sauvages
2017 30th Jun - Tarbes - Le Celtic
2017 29th Jun - Mollans s/ Ouvèze - Un Tigre Dans le Grenier
2017 26th Jun - Grenoble - La Casse
2017 25th Jun - Montreuil - La Guinguette des 3 Mulets
2017 27th Apr - Paris - Le Cirque Electrique
2016 13th Oct - Paris - La Cantine de Belleville
2016 22th Sept - Paris - Le Milord

ANGR [ˈæŋ gər] is the modular drum-triggered noise project of paris-based drummer AdriaN "INNiPùkINN" GandouR.

The idea of ANGR came to me ten years ago when i first saw Duracell (Andre Diamand, the master of it all) performing alone with his drums. I took me years to reproduce such a setup, and wanted to push it further to a mix of noise / punk hardcore / math-rock approach, according to my style of drums playing with my other projects : the two-pieces agressive math-rock BenNasr AlGhandour & thunder blues duet The Absolute Never.

Piezzo cells on the drums are used to trigger Nord Micro Modular patches through MIDI. No sample here. A Nord Micro Modular is an analogue modelling synthesizer, producing sounds which approximate those produced by conventional analogue synths by using DSP chips to digitally model analogue circuitry.

A Micro Modular patch looks something like this (i know, it's scary).